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The end of the road for cars?

Has car ownership reached the end of the road?

When you think of car share do you straight away think of Peter kay and Sian Gibson? Well, its not a bad model, two people getting to work in one car effectively taking one car off the road.

The average car sits unused for 95% of the time! It’s this statistic that has driven (sorry) some exciting developments in car sharing schemes.

One such scheme has been set up in Oxford and is called ShareOurCars, In this example 20 households share seven neighbour-owned vehicles so making each of the seven cars is used more often and perhaps more importantly removing a significant number of underutilised cars from the area. The group partnered with the carshare provider Hiyacar, which vets new entrants and provides then online booking system and all important insurance.

Why bother? All of the households will save money as they will no longer be paying separately for road tax, insurance, servicing, parking permits, MOTs and breakdown cover, these costs can be split between the 20 participating households so each household’s contribution will be far less than they were paying. The shared car will not always be available, so the families will have to think more carefully about when they really need to use it, and when they could cycle to school or work, walk to the shops, or get the train to visit friends or family.


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