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Renewable energy and a cider!

Renewable energy and a cider anyone?

The main theme at this year’s Fayrley Big Picnic was renewable energy and the various opportunities to get involved in its growth.

If you were interested in what you heard and would like to explore further or if you missed out on the day and would like to understand more about what is on offer then there will be an evening meeting on Saturday 29th October at 7pm in the Mission Room on Vicarage Causeway.

This session will explore the renewable energy sector and how we as individuals now have opportunities to invest in some very exciting ideas ranging across solar, wind, tidal stream etc. The evening is planned to be informal with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss any concerns.

The Hertford Heath Community Orchard is very much in its infancy but Sustainable Hertford Heath would also like to invite you to its first Orchard Open Day at 2pm on Sunday 23rd October. There will be apple based cakes and desserts, some cider (bought in as our trees are not mature enough yet) and an opportunity to bring your own apples along for pressing into juice. Apple bobbing is maybe not advisable but we are planning some other games such as pin the apple on the donkey and the inauguration of a new hedgehog house. So come along and get involved, if you have an apple tree in your garden why not pick the apples and bring them with you.  

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