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The Big Repair Project

The Great Repair Project

"I’d like to give the idiots that designed this thing a piece of my mind, fancy having to throw the whole thing away when a small part breaks – its madness – and expensive!"

Have you ever had a similar thought? Well read on........

Some of the University College London (UCL) advertisements have the following strap line.”disruptive thinking since 1826”. Sounds dramatic and I guess that is the message that they want to convey. Being disruptive can sometimes appear to be negative but here it is used to explain how being disruptive can challenge the status quo and look at problems differently to develop an alternative set of ideas.

As has often been said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result”. So disruptive thinking is a very positive approach.

The researchers at UCL would like our support! The UCL Plastic Waste Innovation Hub would like our help to better understand the factors affecting household maintenance and repair (DIY or professional) of home appliances and electronics across the UK. Your participation will help develop 'Right to Repair' policy and support the UK towards meeting important environmental targets.


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